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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I donate to WomenMove instead of other charities helping women?

By supporting WomenMove, you double the impact of the power of your donation because our signature program, Nectar of the Moon, is a two-part formula. First, we’re empowering endless numbers of women and girls through the message of the show. Nectar of the Moon is a unique dance-theater production (inspired by different styles of cultural dance and the similarities between them), instilling a lasting sense of confidence and pride in being a woman. Secondly, ticket sales from the show help raise money for female education. Each time Nectar of the Moon is presented, we empower and educate women and girls around the world, and raise cultural awareness.

  • Will my donation be tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations to WomenMove are tax-deductible. WomenMove is a federally approved 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization.

  • Why is the signature program of WomenMove a stage show about world dance?
  • Actually Nectar of the Moon is not about world dance, it’s a show utilizing world dance. World dance encompasses styles such as African, Indian, Middle Eastern, Tahitian, Spanish, and more. Many of these styles dating back to antiquity have similar aspects of movement, several of which celebrate the stages of a woman’s life. Through Nectar of the Moon we’re telling a story by way of movement and music, costumes and scenery, and togetherness – the story is about honoring your mothers and grandmothers, celebrating your daughters, and overcoming confines, what ever they may be. Bringing Lurainya’s vision to the stage are high-caliber composers, choreographers, dancers and musicians, forming an unstoppable team of talent. Through cultural dance, this large-scale production conveys the message of global unity, illuminating the sisterhood among all women. The audience experiences a lasting sense of empowerment, confidence, and pride in being a woman.


    We believe …

    • That education and compassion are necessary
      to achieve world peace

    • That when a group of women stand together,
      nothing is impossible

    • That the arts provide a powerful means of
      conveying our message